Sunday, October 3, 2010

Still around....alive & kicking!!!

Wow...I cant believe its been 5 months already since I last blogged!

5 months....mega busy 5 months it has been! So many things have changed....

My one & only kiddo quit soccer (after 7 years of nothing but eating, breathing & kicking soccer). At first I was very sad that an important part of our lives was ending. But after 2 weeks of not having to race to practice & games 4-5x a week ....all I can say is: "it's frickn awesome!" No more fighting about packing the darn bag & making sure the kiddo does not leave the house without the water bottle, jacket or the soccer ball!!! its all about horses. The kiddo is driving me nuts with: "When are we going to buy the helmet? I need shoes/boots. Which horse am I going to ride?" etc, etc, etc
The other thing is that my kiddo has started to learn how to sew. One of my best friends is teaching the kiddo & I have to say....I am very surprised to see how into sewing my child is. The first project is nearly done after 2 lessons and the kiddo is actually remembering a lot of what is said & done without having to take notes. I will post some pictures to show off the progress ( I am such a proud Mama!).

Now in regards to my Etsy store: put it on vacation. Was not happy with the progress or the amount of time I had to invest in it. So I am spending my few days off to come up with a better plan. I have made 4 Etsy Banner Sets that I will upload tomorrow & take my shop out of vacation mode. If the Banner Sets sell, then I will use my time wisely & make up some more and see where this adventure goes. Until then I will continue to invest my time in a new adventure that I embarked on a month ago...
I teamed up with another best friend of mine & got a booth at an indoor flea market. Bought a cheap china cabinet & put it in the stall so we could display our jewelry & lock up whatever else we were selling that had some value. I am totally having fun with it :) Going to start making Xmas crafts & put them up for sale in the booth as well. Fingers crossed that they sell the way I want them to!
Will definitely take a pic tomorrow & post it so you all can see what it looks like & maybe give me some feedback on what could be done better.

Other than all that I have been playing around with my camera & taking tons of pictures that just need to be uploaded & digitally enhanced. Once that is done I will upload them to & make prints to sell @ the flea market.

So...that was my quick update for now. I hope to keep up blogging on a regular basis again. For those of you who keep poppin by to see whats going on....Thanks :) I truly appreciate your loyalty!!!

Take care & keep up with the creativity...


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