Monday, October 19, 2009

May I introduce....Xxentrick Designs!

Hello, and welcome to Xxentrick Designs Blogspot.

This blog was created to work along side Xxentrick Designs Etsy store and to keep everybody informed on whats is in the works and what to expect to see in the future.

But before we get started I would like to leave some background information on how this all came to be.

I, Tatjana, have always made tons of "things". No matter what type of media, I had to play & experiment. Most of my experiments were happy ones that ended up as Christmas or Birthday gifts. My most favorite types of experiments were done with crocheting, fusing glass, mixed media abstract painting, decoupaging & beading.

Making jewelry out of glass was my "therapy" throughout nursing school, crocheting & making chainmaille jewelry got me through my cancer treatments this year and all of these "therapies" opened up the possibility of an Etsy store on August 26th, 2009.

Now that I have found a purpose for all my experimental results I have kept myself busy the last 2 months creating new experiments which over time I will share with all of you here.

One of the experiments that I want to share with you for now is this bracelet that I made.

It is a lightweight bracelet made of adionized metal jumprings, some bought/recycled charms & rowlux charms. All materials are hypo-allergenic & easy to clean. In general it takes me about 2 hours to make one of these beauties...and I do them in many different colors. They are so much fun...not only to make but especially to wear. Every where I go I get compliments and have made some on special request for others.

Well, that is it for now, I hope you enjoyed your first visit to Xxentrick Designs Blogspot and will come back many more times to see where Xxentrick Designs will be taking us in the future.

Thanks again,


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