Sunday, March 21, 2010

Crazy Busy...

Hello, Hello & Hello...

So much for me blogging every day! lol
At this moment I am actually happy I managed to get back on within the same month.

And boy have I been busy trying to get everything going for Xxentrick Designs.

Ordered my business cards - YAAYYY
Made a fan page on FB (still need to fix it up, but its started!)
Signed up with Hootsuite, bought an inky-dinky notebook, signed up with Twitter (XxentrickDesign if you are gonna follow me!) and today I updated my Etsy Shop Policies, shipping & announcements parts. Uploaded my first item and making the next 2-do-list for tomorrow!

Wow...*phew*...I'm out of breath just reading what I have gotten done already.

Was just thinking about the next Etsy Entrepreneurs group meeting that is going to be held on April 19th...wish it was tomorrow! We will be talking about blogging - and personally I think I could do with a bunch of help.

Anyways...for those of you who are already following: Thank you very much!
For those of you who will be following: Click that follow button NOW! lol

Have a great & happy rest of the day everybody.


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