Sunday, March 28, 2010

A great week

Good Morning :)

Have not been able to blog the last few days due to having to spend time at my "other" job. Luckily it only took away 3 nights of my time.

In my free time I have been keeping up with my Etsy 2-do-list and have managed to continue to tweet, upload new items to Xxentrick Designs on Etsy, make some more new items & sell a few items. YaY

Two of the newest bracelets that I made were not even on the market for more than 3 minutes....which has totally boost my ego! So I made them again and will see if anybody else out there might like to have one.

I have started 3 other gold charm bracelets and should have them done within the next 2 days. After that I am going to concentrate on some of my other projects (i.e. painting, collages, crocheting, etc). Once I have a few items done I will get the pictures posted for all of you to see.

Until safe & be happy :)

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