Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Glass Day

Today is "Glass" day.

Even so I love to fuse glass I have not done so in a while, because I have so much of the fused glass floating around my house it is driving me crazy! So...with that said I decided to finally put some of the pieces on Etsy.

Yesterday was a beautiful, warm & sunny day. I used the opportunity & took the pictures I needed to showcase my pendants. Today I spent the morning photo shopping them (which usually takes me forever because I am so anal about the pics). Around 10am I finally uploaded my first 2 pendants & put them in their own subcategory: Glass.

I am so thrilled with this Etsy adventure. A few weeks ago when I went to my first Etsy Entrepreneurs group meeting I was overwhelmed & afraid of all the work that needed to be done to get Xxentrick Designs up & running. But little did I know that I would actually find the time & love every moment of taking pics, uploading them, photo shopping them, describing the merchandise and posting them as well as posting comments about them on Twitter (the one thing I had sworn to myself I would never get caught up in - LOL) and on FaceBook.
Well...Xxentrick Designs is up & running....and I am running with it!

These are the 2 pendants that I uploaded this morning:



Homework for today: do something out of the ordinary...something you would never do & tell me about it the next time you are visiting!

Until then...


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