Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 3....and what a beautiful day it is!

Good morning...

it is a good morning. Yesterday evening I was obsessing about Etsy, Twitter, FB and everything else that has to do with promoting Xxentrick Designs. Constantly going back & forth between the sites to make sure that I didn't miss anything and sure enough I was missing something! I was missing a bracelet in my inventory! All I could think was..."OMG...what happened? Where did it go? Did I delete it by accident?" It took me about 2 minutes to figure out that I had made my first sale!


I did not know what to do with myself. I was pacing like a headless chicken. What to do? Who do I tell? So many things going through my head until I finally decided the first thing to do is sit back down and find out who bought my bracelet.

So the search began...I began with my email account. Yep there is the notice of purchase & the notice of payment. Checked out Paypal...yep...all the money is there. I look at the Name & Address of the buyer...omg...I know that person! lol Sure enough its my longtime friend San from England.
I go onto FB to thank her and she had already left me a message: "...told ya I wanted one!..."

So once again I am running around with the biggest grin on my face all because I have wonderful friends!

I love you all :)

Ok...now on to my next endeavor. I just signed up with ImageKind.com & have uploaded a few photographs that I have taken & made digitally "better". And yes...I have put them up for sale. One can buy the print or once can have it framed there. What I like about this site is they are good & quick with orders. High quality and I have no work!!!! lol

Here is an example of the pictures I uploaded:

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  1. I enjoyed reading your story about your first sale. Too funny! Thanks for the grins :-)